New years vow

So the holidays are soon over, at least for me! Strangely I’ve almost haven’t touched a brush in that period. Time has been spent with my family, reading ET Nagash and plotting for 2015.

With 2015 here “already” it’s time to lay out a plan for the year.

1) Improve my skills.
I still feel I have a long way to go both converting- and painting wise and I’ll continue to push my limits.

So what can help me improve?

2) Reaching the 3k with CD.
I need to wrap up this project and finish off the article series on BoLS. Need to get more core finished and a big monster of some kind.

Blunderbusses first!


Gives me some more time to plan the remainder for now.

3) Ork kill team.
A friend bought a large amount of the excellent western terrain as seen here.




If that’s not inspiring nothing is! I’ll draft up a list soon and start working on it. Will push my conversions and painting further here I hope!

Really stoked about this project, I love old western movies and I’ve read my share of 60-70s books on cowboys and indians so I’ll try to incorporate those elements.

This will be my next article series on BoLS!

4) Possible future projects.
– DKoK
Got a small army, very artillery heavy. Love the miniatures but I’m not feeling it yet.

– Dark Eldar
Love the miniatures, got 1500+ points. Though I’ll most likely sell it to fund other projects.

– Blood Bowl
New season this year. I’ve got a ton of teams but I might make a new team nonetheless. Love BB!

– 50 jump marines
Bought these for a bargain but I have no idea what to use them as..yet!

5) Likelihood of the above being realized.
Hah, this is basically the million dollar question because I’m without a doubt a hobby butterfly! Though in my defense, last year came together really well. I’m not going for the 8k+ goal this year (neither did I have it as a goal last year) but if it happens I’m not complaining 🙂


2 thoughts on “New years vow

  1. Ross says:

    It’s good to have some clear goals in mind brother, even if you change your plans as the year goes on. Looking forward to seeing some BB stuff in particular; I used to play loads and I’ve neglected it for too long, so any inspiration is most welcome!

  2. […] you liked the Iron Daemon and the Bull Centaurs you’ll love this! Meanwhile go check out my new years vow or what I have on my WiP bench on my blog. Spoiler on my next article series right […]

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