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Battle report. Playing with the green tide formation. Part 2

Got my third game with the green tide formation list this evening. I played the same list as last time.
1500 points, emperors will, dawn of war deployment.

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Green tide formation, part 4. Finished!


I’ve not been myself these last couple of weeks..been locked in a constant state of “must paint boyz”. So despite the shitty weather and hence poor light conditions. Here cometh da Tide!


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Green tide formation, part 3

The green tide keeps on coming! My painting frenzy is not slowing down and I even managed a game in the other day 🙂
Tested out my green tide list against a mechanized AM list at 1500 points.

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Green tide formation, part 1

Not entirely correct calling it part 1 as I`ve been building and preparing the list for a bit. However, painting 120+ models for a 1500 points list is kinda daunting so building it is by far the easy part!


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On and on and on..

For some reason I felt the itch to paint some boyz instead of continuing building on the stompa. From experience I know that I can’t ignore that feeling as it’s hard motivating oneself to paint 100+ minis for one army.

Anyway, I got to it!


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