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Nestorian Infestation #39

Viscount Petr Blavaskoy..

Created a new character for Nestorian Infestation based around the excellent walking bonechair model from the Ossiarch Bonereapers range and the head from the Janus model in Wilhelminiatures range. Throw in a few bits and some greenstuff and hey presto – here (something) it is!

In short he is a minor noble in the Matriarchs court. Minor in status but not of confidence nor ambition. I will explore more of his followers as we move on.


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Daudur #2

And through the trees of the Dead…the Dead walk…

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Nestorian Infestation #38

Mosuo dan Bribrix, Matriarch of House Akan readies herself for the arrival of Master Nestorian..

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Sideshow Extravaganza #14

The gracious people at WD gave me a batch of high-res pics of my Tor Megiddo warband!

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Amid the Murk #14

Indeed the very process of construction and creation foreshadows destruction and decay...

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Amid the Murk #13

So many wondrous joys! So many hopes and dreams..!

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Nestorian Infestation #36

..out of the dark..another hybrid abomination of Nestorian..

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