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Reinforcements has arrived!

No games this week. Boring!

But I got some other stuff sorted out so all in all a good week. As in major reinforcements!


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What would a Chaos Dwarf army be without warmachines? Not a lot to be honest! The steampunk feel of Chaos Dwarfs is one of the things I’m really inspired with.

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Hobgoblin Khans

So I needed to paint some greenskins. Funny that 😉

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So many ideas so little time..

Finally got part three out on BoLS. I’m ahead of release schedule with about two-three weeks so it’s killing my patience but I’m really happy with the article series and the number of people reading it on BoLS and here 🙂

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Battle report: Chaos Dwarfs vs Beastmen

I think I’ve mentioned it before but I can’t remember. Still.
In my 13 first years I only played fantasy. Tried 40k, epic, WHQ but fantasy was where my heart was.

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