More Infernal Guard and another Infernal Castellan

Finally had some time today to do some hobby! Unfortunately it was because one of the kids where sick and couldn’t go to school though.


I’m already past the 3k point (just wait for this week’s BoLS update and my Artisans contest entry) so I’m gunning for 4k now 😀

That means more core infantry. So I set up a block of 14 Infernal Guard with great weapons and full command. In charge of them a Infernal Castellan.


I’m still following my now tried and tested basing for the Chaos Dwarfs, 25mm bases and homemade movement tray.

Some closeups.

Infernal Castellan


Based on a bull centaur torso. Added some horns on his hat, ork boots and an old shield. Need to greenstuff the undershirt.




This one is based on a earthshaker crewman. Gave him a great weapon to hold as well and need to greenstuff the glove holding the weapon.

Standard bearer


This conversion is also becoming standard issue for me. Monopose warrior with metal rod as banner pole. Can’t remember where the top belongs but had it for ages. Need to greenstuff the glove holding the pole here.




Old chaos warrior horn spliced with a goblin horn arm. And a great weapon as on the champion. Both gloves needs greenstuff.

That’s it basically. Working on some more stuff as well but I’ll get back to that later. If I’m lucky I have time to greenstuff and basecoat these today.


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3 thoughts on “More Infernal Guard and another Infernal Castellan

  1. jornnordli says:

    Just got to chime in on this one…

    That banner top is the one from the metal Ork (usually Goff) Dreadnought that came out in the mid nineties.
    It really fits the Chaos Dwarwes imagery too, though.

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