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Battle report: Chaos Dwarfs vs Wood Elves

Man it’s important to get in a few games each month! I reckon several in my stage of life (full time job, kids, family) got their hands full with real world obligations. I know I have them and so do most of the guys in my club. Still it’s important to take some time off from all of that each week and get some quality nerding with friends.

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Great week!

So this has been a very good week all in all!

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OOP Chaos Dwarfs, army project. Part 1

So I actually do other stuff than Orks or greenskins despite my moniker and the name of this blog.

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Norways national miniature wargaming tournament 2014

So I went to this years national miniature wargaming tournament, hosted in Oslo. From now on called NM for short. It was held over two days and you could compete in one of the following games:
Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer 40.000

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Bully boyz formation. Making my own, part 6. Finished!

The last mob took a while to finish but it’s been the autumn vacation so I’ve not done a lot of hobbying lately.

So, here’s pics of the last mob, no WiPs sadly but nothing special conversion-wise that I haven’t shown anyways.


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