Age of Munda version 3


This is Age of Munda. A liberal mash-up of Age of Sigmar and Necromunda with the intention of playing INQ28 themed games. It is not an official product and is not in any way meant as a commercial product. This is entirely fan made and meant as a guideline for playing INQ28 themed games and campaigns.

What is Age of Munda?

I`ve been into this hobby since the early nineties and I`ve played everything from 2nd ed 40k up until today. I`ve also played Necromunda and Inquisitor having almost every rulebook released within that span.

But, and there`s always a but is it not?

They`re all clunky and intricate. You can make it function but it will demand work putting it together and the same getting others into it. Though one ruleset that GW has made recently hardly demands anything.

Is it perfect? No.

But what it does have is being very, very easy to get to grips with. I am (obviously) talking about Age of Sigmar. The best ruleset since Blood Bowl! At least imo.

Will Age of Munda answer your every need for clarification and be a watertight set of rules for INQ28 gaming?

Hell no and it is not supposed to be that! It is meant as a simple set of guidelines so you don`t lose track of telling a story.

Because in INQ28, story is king.

Current version

AoM ver 3.0


Supplement file –

Supplement article – Creating the narrative

We are now at version 3.0. This version is a drastic change as the focus has been to make it even easier than ever to understand the framework of the rules and let the story unfold..or so I think at least!


Requirements to play

  • A good friend or friends that are fine playing with a loose rule frame and instead focus on the narrative.
  • At least two warbands but the more the merrier!
  • The free Age of Sigmar rules as a simple reference to core rules mechanics
  • Necromunda rulebook or any other 40k rulebook for weapns profiles
  • A book like AoS Generals Handbook or any other book with simple scenario and campaign generators, or simply write your own.
  • A gaming table with loads of terrain, preferably 3*3 or 4*4 ft.
  • Beer. Because as long as you are old enough, playing games with friends and drinking beer is awesome.

Using the sheet

Now based on the two-page sheet for AoM version 3, here`s a quick breakdown on how to use it.

  • Pre-game preparations – remember to fill in the info on the warband roster sheet as you go along
    • Establish which characters you want your warband to consist of. Seeing as there is only 12 wounds in total you can take 3 approaches;
      • Quantity. 12 lowly characters with one wound each
      • Normal. 4-6 characters with a mix of types/wounds to differentiate their type
      • Elite. 1-3 characters which are basically tanks in this setting. Suits meta-humans like space marines and larger monsters and the like.
    • Based on what you bring you class them in the following 3 categories
      • Dregs/equivalent
      • Standard
      • Champions/leaders/meta-humans
      • Classifying them will automatically indicate what their “to hit value” and number of attacks will be.
    • Arming them, be it ranged or combat follows the 4 indicated categories
      • High energy and/or high strength weapons
        • Melta and plasma weapons
        • Powerfists
        • Equivalents
      • Power weapons
        • This is a catch-all for a weapon that falls inbetween standard and high energy weapons basically
        • Stubbers and bolters
        • Power sword
        • Equivalents
      • Standard issued weapons
        • Autoguns, lasguns/-pistols
        • Swords, hammers, clubs
        • And so on. The majority of weapons natural for this setting
      • Unarmed
        • Even unarmed you can inflict some damage at least
      • Range of weapons
        • This is where a rulebook or common sense kicks in as to how the weapon functions and as such what range it operates in. It could also be the sum of its parts, f.ex is a character has very long arms and use swords maybe he has a range of 2″ instead of 1″ because of it.
    • Sagacity
      • Another catch-all skill but this one aimed at the more rpg tasks that you should aim for in your INQ28 games.
    • Actions with no skills?
      • Somethings can`t be covered as it can be entirely situational. Maybe you want to jump between buildings, arrest or capture a character, open a lock, and so on.
      • Use this approach then;
        • on a dice roll of 2+ you succeed
        • on a roll of 1 you fail – if so you get a wound as it blows up in your face
  • Game Sequence

The five phases is what we define as one turn.

Remember to alternate who goes first each turn by dice-off!

  • Phase 1 – Pre turn
    • Rally
      • If anyone is fleeing rally them on 4+
    • Random movements
      • All characters that are still fleeing run a further D6″
    • Random actions
      • Fleeing might lead into something else. Deal with it here with a -1 modifier where applicable.
    • Psychic abilities
      • Supportive or other psychic abilities that boost your character or others do so here.
    • NPC
      • Move and act with your NPCs, preferably in a pre-determined manner. Meaning agree on their role and function in the game and wing it from there.
    • Game master
      • A coop affair or handled by someone else that is not a gaming part.
      • For my games of AoM I prefer that this is done coop and continously throughout the game.
      • Any disagreements are dealt by rolling dice-off but be understanding and giving.
  • Phase 2 – Movement
    • According to type of character you move as per the table in the sheet.
  • Phase 3 – Shooting
    • In this phase you either shoot you weapons or run/boost.
      • Note all vehicles can boost
      • Monsters cannot run
  • Phase 4 – Combat
    • Combat starts by trying to charge in.
    • To reach your opponent it is D3+1″+weapon range
    • Sort the rest out as per weapon profiles and wound characteristics
    • If you lose but are still alive you stick around, unless..
  • (Phase 5) – Morale
    • If your leader has been killed all AND/OR your warband is reduced to 50% or less you must test morale. Succeed on 3+, fail on less – then flee.

I hope that answers most of your questions but do not hesitate to ask for further clarifications!



Am I trying to revolutionize INQ28?
No, not at all.
I`am trying to make a set of guidelines that I`m able to easily remember and can even easier teach to those who want to play with me. Rules that can be picked up and put into action in no time.

I`m not trademarking anything, nor in a position to do so. If you want to use and abuse these guidelines to suit your needs.



Age of Munda logo – Rebecca Krohn Karlsson & Sofie Hildegard Ryen
Colouring – Ana Polanscak
Playtesting – Helge Wilhelm Dahl, Rebecca Krohn Karlsson
Proofreading – Eric Blomqvist, The Wier Brothers
Sagacity – Tomaz Petlozki

Battle Reports

In reverse order.


For those curious how this came together chronologically.

21 thoughts on “Age of Munda version 3

  1. Note that the next step is developing the character scrolls for the Blood Pact and then the rest of the Vortapt IV gangs. I’ll cover it on the blog of course 🙂

  2. tonyofnurgle says:

    Nice and compact ruleset. I like it!

  3. Livan says:

    tip of the hat

  4. Aaron Platz says:

    Very cool, man, very creative. I love all your conversions.
    Necromunda was my favorite GW game.

  5. euansmith says:

    Are you going to add a Campaign element to AoM; with lasting injuries and experience and the like?

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