Bigboss 2020 Year in Review

Another year has passed and it is time to wrap it up and move on!

Blogging as a platform is still on a downward curve as seen the last few years but interaction on the blog has actually improved. TBH I prefer the latter as it is much more rewarding than just high numbers. Truth be told I’m not a very active blogger anymore so this plays into it obviously. But I will continue with the fine blogger tradition of the yearly wrap up so here goes 🙂

For the previous “Bigboss Year in review..” 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


  • Nestorian Infestation
  • Risi Vortapt
  • #make2nded40kgreatagain
  • Dark Skies Over the Harrowmark

Of the four goals only one actually was fulfilled in any sense and that was Nestorian Infestation with a whole host of new minis. The other goals kinda fell off the wayside as the year progressed. Luckily they where replaced by other minis so all in all it has been a surprisingly productive year. First though, lets take a look at the Nestorian Infestation stuff.

Even though some of these minis where built a few years back they where finished in 2020 😅

The Baron here was actually built and painted during hobby sessions with Wilhelminiatures, Revimakk and Nordic. Such an inspiring and great gang that the result speaks for itself I feel ❤️

The converted GUO into a nid build is without a doubt my most popular mini on social media and I totally get it because it is my personal fav too. I have no idea on how many hours it took to build and then paint. No matter, it was worth it!

If you want too see more minis of my Nestorian stuff keep an eye out on Instagram as I update more regulary there but here’s what’s in store for 2021;

Nestorian is going elite!

Now I didn’t just work on nestorian stuff in 2020. I actually did quite a lot!

It started with making a new chaos dwarf team for Blood Bowl. This is actually the third chaos dwarf team I’ve made for myself over the 14 years I’ve played BB. It is my fav team as it is the perfect blend of variation and bashing. Perfect!

Another cool thing I made was an undead warband consisting of a Liche leading Wight Kings and their minions. Fun stuff! So funny I even made som fitting terrain (note that I hate making terrain!).

This is a Warcry sized board using the fantastic bone trees from Wilhelminiatures! Haven’t been able to get a game in on it yet but covid and moving due to work is to blame there.

Speaking of Wilhelminiatures I also converted and painted two versions of his fantastic forest dweller minis.

I also really enjoyed converting his large forest dweller mini. What a treat and I can’t reccomend nor plug his range enough!

Doing random minis became quite the norm for 2020 as I made this Eldar War walker;

And this daemon beast;

Aaaaaand this version of a Blackstone Fortress character over the year.

You’d think it would stop there right? Well not exactly. As I even made a Mordheim type warband before the year rounded off.

So yeah. Not a bad year as far as productivity goes when it comes down to it right 😅

Other nerdy medias

As far as music, comics and literature I don’t really have any new stuff there to reccommend as I’m still just on the same stuff as last year 🙂


Setting goals with my approach to the hobby is almost entirely wasteful at this point. But instead I can do a guesstimate (I guess 😂):

  • Nestorian infestation minis (no brainer!).
  • Random minis and one-offs (a few planned already).
  • Social hobby evenings.
  • A game or two.

Yeah. I think thats more than good enough. Let us hope 2021 is better than 2020 as far as the stuff that REALLY matters and not just the hobby stuff 🙂


Merry Christmas from BBRS!

You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear..around the Christmas tree…Everyone’s dancing…the old fashioned way….Voices singing..Decking the field to the bough of holly..

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you all like the yule tree / bough of holly in the bone forest 💀 My calcified hag 🥶

Here’s the Wip before I slapped the paints on;

Enjoy the holidays everyone! Wishing all of you – all the best ❤️


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Cult of the Possessed #2

Just a quick update as I made some fast and easy darksouls for my new mordheim warband.

Nordic gave me a Goblin sprue from the Hobbit range. Great models and I really didnt want to muck too much about with them.

Using trimmed high elf helmets, skulls and a bit of greenstuff I tied them enough in with the recurring theme in the warband.

They painted up super fast too!

Love em! They keep in line with that whole «looking normal from a distance, but everything but normal up close!».

I actually have a couple more minis planned for these as I’m having so much fun with it! But thats for next year 😉


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Nestorian Infestation #40

With the holidays looming ahead I felt it opportune to mark it off with a huge update on my take on the Genestealer Cult!

As everyone that follows me knows, the Nestorian Infestation setting with Helge from Wilhelminiatures has been many years in the making. The part of a cult I’m working on now is the depraved court of a matriark..

This is not the finished court but more of tve halfway mark(ish).

But let us start with a couple of beasties that roam the near districts of the matriarks stronghold.

The Beggar Prince is a blind and broken creature..roaming the catacombs..muttering phrases in a long forgotten tongue. This is one of those minis I don’t see as a hostile, more of an NPC.

This beast is unnamed..for why should it have one..this is more a random encounter type of miniature. Just wandering around, firing his bio weapon irregulary..

But enough of meaningless beasts..let us take a look at the court of the matriark!

Behold the stout and brave knight..and the wise chancellor..damaged little playthings mingling and tripping around in the court..

..and here, the herald herself and a noble constable..

Coming soon to the court is the honorary prelate Askesiss..

So yes..the court is soon set. To keep an eye on the further proceedings..the constable keeps an eye on it..

Until the next one 🙂


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Cult of the Possessed

From just a fun little blackcrabart challenge between friends, warband is in the makings!

Me, Helge from Wilhelminiatures, Rebecca (Revimakk) and Erik (Nordic) had a little challenge with one of the blackcrabart miniatures. This was my take;

Using a forest dweller from Wilhelminiatures as the base model, the head and arms from the blackcrabart mini and a lot of greenstuff I made this. However he was so much fun to make that I felt he needed a couple of henchmen.

The first one was an idea I saw on insta (sorry, can’t remember from who) where an orc body and a halfling head was used. Very easy but really cool. Gives a very «off» physique. I’ve stopped using metallics and it really showes here. Love the effect and this turned out to become a key feature as I developed this into something more.

On this mini I used the top half from one of those crazy bretonnia minis that where super cool. Spliced it on top of a blight King and voila. Weird ass physique again. This really started to set the tone for me as the on a distance and on the outside «look normal». But ad you see them up close you realize they are far far from it.

I now realized that the closest thing – and something I’ve never done before was on its way. A mordheim warband and obviously it has to be a Cult of Possessed. The big one a magister and the other two mutants.

So with three such fun minis under my belt I started on the beastmen next.

The first one I made as a bird type of beastman. Much like a tzaangor yes but a lot more tuned down. Using only the tzaangor head and some Underworlds bits to complete the mini. I now know that beastmen can’t have missile weapons but ah well. It is all good 😉

The second one is more of a narnia style faun – without the goat legs mind! This is actually from a very old build that was meant for my Nurgle project but I swapped the head and this mini was good.

The third and last (yes yet another bow equipped beastman 😂) is a mereman. Using the Silver Tower fish, a lizardmen torso and aos priest legs this one was cool enough. It is a really weird mini but I like it.

Now for another big one – and it is the biggest yet! A possessed 😍

I just had a ton of fun with this one! Combining a lot of kits and a mini ton of greenstuff I made something suitably horrid and grim that still fits really well in with the rest.

Hope you like the start of my newest warband! I will round it out with another possessed and darksouls. Those will be over the holidays mind 😅

I have two more blog posts planned for desember so stay tuned for that. The blog is far from dead!


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Nestorian Infestation #39

Viscount Petr Blavaskoy..

Created a new character for Nestorian Infestation based around the excellent walking bonechair model from the Ossiarch Bonereapers range and the head from the Janus model in Wilhelminiatures range. Throw in a few bits and some greenstuff and hey presto – here (something) it is!

In short he is a minor noble in the Matriarchs court. Minor in status but not of confidence nor ambition. I will explore more of his followers as we move on.


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Daudur #2

And through the trees of the Dead…the Dead walk…

So I got a ton of Wilhelminiatures awesome bone trees and I just knew I had to make some Warcry sized terrain. Sadly I didn’t take any good WiPs but the build itself is simple as can be truth be told!

It is more rectangular than a square but it is more or less the same size. I used a fixed wooden board as the base and then glued those creepy heads on but the let the bone trees be loose. I then used pva glue and a mix of sand, dirt, dead gras, gravel etc as the texture for the board. The paintjob itself is like I paint all my bases just on a larger scale. Over to some mood pics.

Really pleased to say the least! The bone trees painted up really easy and the whole thing came together like I wanted to 😊

It even fits with inq28 figs!

So yeah. Long time no post but this wasn’t half bad was it 😂


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Daudur #1

On the barren land

Lies the barren form

Smooth and endless


It almost is but isn’t.

With silent noise

Like a subtle cut through deep water

With feeble sunlight

Filtering through

They descend

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Nestorian Infestation #38

Mosuo dan Bribrix, Matriarch of House Akan readies herself for the arrival of Master Nestorian..

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Foul Play #10

Ye all behold – even more painted models within a month?!

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