Iron Grenadiers. Squad 11 finished!

Needed to let the knight rest a bit while I contemplate my next move on it.

In the meantime I got back to painting! Here’s squad 11 all done 🙂


Tbh I’m still feeling I need to do something with the centaur but no rush.

I based the scheme as on my test figure but I took things a fair few steps further. One central thing is verdigris in addition to the brown rust.



Then it’s the heat effect on the flamer muzzles.



And finally weathering the flock to match the season better. I used brown and yellow inks. I think the result really shows it’s worth it.

On the centaur I added verdigris but also black wash to simulate oil or grease.




I mucked up the floor inside in the carrier part of the centaur as a commenter on BoLS pointed out.


All in all I’m very happy and I’ll paint up squad 12 next 🙂


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