Foul Play #1

Paternal leave and little sleep at least yields some results! My goblin team is built and converted.

Our season starts today actually so that has helped on the old motivation.

The team including three star players

I like the overall look achieved with the helmets, body armour and rivets.

The coaching staff and counters. Only difference is that the Goff Rockers are on 32mm bases now

It’s a burden painting-wise but I like the added flavour of a coaching staff.

Eclectic mix of miniatures but these are the bog “standard” goblins

All of the normal goblins here are among my favs which notably only feature one in plastic.

The special players that are part of the team and starting line-up

You can’t really play a team like goblins and not embrace the wacky side. It’s impossible!

My trolls really look like business now!

They’re almost too big to field on the pitch but I have “big guy counters” so I’m good!

Star players! Only added the ones that will provide the largest amount of damage output

Next will be playing combined with painting as fast as I can to improve my odds with Nuffle!



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8 thoughts on “Foul Play #1

  1. Alex says:

    Awesome mate, a great range of minis – very striking! What team colours are you thinking about?

  2. Joe B. says:

    Fantastic work on them. I like the eclectic mix of goblins and the conversions on the trolls look great.

  3. suncar says:

    Very nice! The conversion of the wolf chariot crew into a loonie is perfect.
    When you’ve added helmets and stuff it really creates a more uniform feel to a very diverse mix of minis. Really inspirational

  4. […] My club like the rest of the world has picked up BB again and I made a custom goblin team for laughs (often not my laugh). More here. […]

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