(un)Invitational. A Merciless WiP

Iron Sleet, the hobby superstars united blog (migsula + Spikyrat pack) put out an Invitational a while back.

Let me just clarify straight off the bat that I’m not one of the invited though they do allow everyone that wants to participate. I really want to as I’ve never done anything in this vein before and that was undoubtedly what drew me in. You can already take a look at some pretty epic stuff coming from Jeff Vader, migsula, Kari, Mikko, weirdingway and probably a lot more that I don’t know of.

So what do I have to offer in such company? Urk…here goes.



From left to right, combat servitor, “Merciless” and automated gun servitor.
They’re still very rough but as the challenge is in having 3 miniatures on 3 different sized bases I spent a lot of time finding a combination I liked. This was the result from a late night surge yesterday and I think that the sudden momentum I found gained helped nail these three. In the wake of these I now have a whole slew of characters I will revisit as several of them turned out quite nice.

But back on the “Merciless”. Do anyone get why that name stuck btw?
The main character is an eccentric ordo Xenos inquisitor. Flaunting alien looking equipment and clothing. Rich from selling xenos baubles to collectors he has been able to buy some very expensive servitors. I’ll explore the “Merciless” and his retinue more later.

There’s of course a ton of inspiration regarding INQ 28 these days though I went back to my tried, trusted and loved source of inspiration. My WD collection spanning from issue 206. Here’s the backdrop I used as a guide and will give a hint of what’s to come.




Lovely and so far ahead of it’s time tbh!

More pics, both individual and as group of the “Merciless” this weekend.


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4 thoughts on “(un)Invitational. A Merciless WiP

  1. Migs says:

    Super cool!! The basing is outstanding! Can’t wait to see these done. Be sure to send us a few WIP photos by the end of the month.

    • Thank you Migs, that actually means quite a lot as I’ve been very uncertain in how I wanted it to be 🙂 I didn’t want to go copycat but only give nods to my sources of inspiration if that makes sense – this is harder than you’d think even if I’ve done it hundreds of times with Orks f.ex

      The WiPs will be ready later today or early tomorrow as it will be one of the things featured in my BoLS column.

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