Battle report. Dread mob vs Fishmen!

Time for another tale in the Dread mob adventures! This time against the Fishmen – I mean Tau, wielded by Andreas πŸ˜‰

This is a campaign game so due to the rules I have 1650 points and Andreas has 1850. We use those campaign tile expansion with the rules there. Will be a rough one nonetheless!

Pre-game stuff:
1500 points (+bonus points according to GM)
Mission:Β Big guns never tire
Primary: 5 objectives
Secondary, slay the warlord, first blood, linebreaker
Deployment: dawn of war

He had:
Crisis suit commander
– 1 bodyguard
2*11 firewarriors
3 stealth team
3 crisis suits
1 crisis suit
8 pathfinders
1*2 piranhas
1 piranha
1 hammerhead gunship

Firebase support cadre formation
1 riptide
2*3 broadsides

I had:
Dread mob formation
– Big mek 2 mega forcefield, eavy armour, bosspole, 2 grot oilers
– Painboy w 2 grot orderlies
– Morkanaut w Kff, grot riggers
– Gorkanaut w grot riggers
– Deff dread w 4 powerklaws
– Deff dread w 4 powerklaws
– Deff dread w 2 powerklaw, 2 skorchas
– 3 killa kans w big shootas
– 3 killa kans w rokkit launchas
– 3 killa kans w grotzookas

+10 lootas for my bonus points.

Warlord traits:
– Orks: shitty trait. As usual..
– Tau: through unity devastation

Psychic powers:
– nil

The game
Deployed. [sigh..] I expect a world of pain..


Turn 1
I fail to seize. Bollocks. He starts.

He basically advance his right flank towards me. Let’s see how much survive the shooting phase..


Broadsides in the center shave off 2 hp of my mid dread. Riptide fail. Puh! On my left flank the shoota kans are under fire. I take a ton of hits, like a metric one..miraculously I have 1 kan with 1 hp left.
On the other side 2 lootas die from some drones.

He then jetpack towards me in his assault phase.


I moved forward with everything. Then DAKKA DAKKA!  Lootas and Gorkanaut kill the solo piranha and drones for first blood. Then the zooka kans wipe out 11 firewarriors. Morkanaut takes 1 wound off the riptide and the rokkit kans kill a suit on the right flank.

Assault phase. Dreads go for blood! Two hit unscathed from overwatch, third don’t reach due to crappy dice roll from me (he’s not dead). Shoota kan try for the same. And survive the overwatch mayhem. Wohoo!
Dreads make short work of the pathfinders. Shoota dread rules and kill the two suits and then locks himself in combat with the 3 drones. Yay!


7-6 my favor.

Turn 2
Andreas is a bit frustrated at his abysmal rolls and my red hot dice rolls but he’s determined to break through on my right flank.


A suit deep strikes from reserve and land right behind my morkanaut. Blast…like literally!


In the shooting phase my right deff is markerlighted 4 times. Bye bye in another language..and it is so. Hammerhead and riptide glance him to a wreck.
Next the pod armed broadsides fire at my 1 hp dread and just managed to take it out. The other broadside unit fire at my last deff but failed to break my av. Stealth suits fire at my rokkit kans but I saved. It’s going to be rough going against his heavy shooters..

In the shoota kan vs drones fight nothing happens. Good for me.

I advance forward with my center. Then let loose. Rokkit kans take the deep strike suit (which he forgot to use, lol), then I dakka loose on the broadsides in the center and reduce them to 1 model with 1 wound.

In the assault I have nothing to charge and shoota kan is obviously spent and hits nothing..though tbh this is a best case scenario for me as this keeps Andreas away from me on this flank and I need the respite.


See? I don’t want this against my hot stuff on the other flank. So be a good tau player and stay in that corner will you πŸ˜€

Still 10-6 my favor btw.

Turn 3
Not a lot of moving but my last dread takes 3 markerlights. Luckily my Kff saves are IN THE HOUSE! I take only 1 hp which is sensational imo. His lack of painting mojo is brutal.

In assault nothing happens. Lol πŸ˜€

Gorkanaut aims for hammerhead, deff vs last broadside in center.
In the shooting phase zooka kans almost takes out the entire last firewarrior unit. That’s about it in the shooting phase.

In the assault Gorkanaut takes out the hammerhead, deff takes the broadside and shoota kan does nothing. Again. LOL! Me and Andreas have a good laugh at the impact of my solo shoota kan πŸ™‚


Turn 4
Andreas goes fuck it and finally advance.


Let’s see if it pays off.

Riptide punish the last dread and wreck it. Command suits fire at the morkanaut, take 1 hp. Broadsides don’t break through his av.
Piranhas shoot on the rokkit kans but fail to inflict damage. Drones inflict 1 hp though.

Shoota kan kill 1 drone this turn actually.


I move the Gorkanaut on one of his objectives. Zooka kans line up to fire at his firewarriors. Morkanaut lines up for a charge of his command suits.

Zooka kans kill the last firewarriors, and he has no one on his last objective in the forest. Though the riptide is close.
Gorkanaut takes 1 wound off the riptide.

In the assault the morkanaut killed everything but the command suit. He also managed to escape the sneaky git.
Shoota kan finally kill the drones.



13-0 my favor.

Turn 5
Not much to do. Riptide on the forest objective and the piranhas go for linebreaker.

Stealth suits annhililate the shoota kan. You will be missed!
Piranhas shoot at the rokkit kans but I saved on cover.
Broadsides fail to harm the morkanaut. Riptide the same on both accounts.

He then go for classic tau tactics. Cower in the corner.


I move morkanaut back to deal with the piranhas. Rest don’t do much.

Shooting the zooka kans take out 2 stealth suits though the last doesn’t run away. Morkanaut and rokkit kans take out 1 piranha as well. Gorkanaut flicks off another wound on riptide.


13-3 my favor.

I roll a 4. Turn 6 it is.

Turn 6
Oh he wants that linebreaker BAD!


In the shooting he killed two zooka kans and a rokkit kan and that’s about it.

In my turn I move the last zooka kan back on the center objective. Morkanaut lines up better against the piranhas. Two last rokkit kans target the piranhas to assault them.

In the shooting phase I took out the piranha with the morkanaut but failed to kill the drones..
I then managed to kill the warlord. Yay frikkin yay on my lootas!

Rokkit kans failed to reach the drones.

I roll. A 4. Turn 7 then..

14-3 my favor

Turn 7
Riptide tried to take the last zooka kan but missed. Broadsides aim to hurt the rokkit kans and does. I’ve only got 1 left with 1 hp. Last stealth suit takes him out though. Cheeky fucker then jetpack on the objective.

In my turn morkanaut moves forward and gun down the stealth fucker..
Gorkanaut tries to hurt riptide but failed.

Game over.

17-9 in my favor.
I had 4 objectives, all secondary and 2 heavy units.
Andreas had 1 objective, linebreaker and 5 heavy units.

Post game thoughts
What a bloodbath but my mvp goes to shoota kan. You held me in the game until the others could wrap it up for me πŸ™‚
Also, Andreas did do a lot of rookie mistakes and messed up the order he should’ve done his shooting and also forgetting stuff outright. Had I known tau better I could’ve helped more but it’s been so many years and editions since they where a regular opponent that I’m not much help now. As for the deep striking suit. Well we both forgot him until it was way past. Unfortunately for Andreas but that’s how it goes sometimes. One thing is certain though. He will not do so many mistakes next time!


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3 thoughts on “Battle report. Dread mob vs Fishmen!

  1. Stannley says:

    Great bat rep! Great to see Orks triumphant!

    Read the “seize initiative” line as “I fail to seize bollocks” as if you rolled a six you would have successfully seized your bollocks lol

  2. greggles says:

    Git dem fishheads!

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