Tech-priest assassin – Nephthys


While you pray, I act..
– Nepthys, Ashen Tear assassin

This is one of those miniatures I just had to make. I don’t know why but for me this really works. She’s creepy, looks really deadly and I can actually use her in games – wohoo!


As you can see I’ve armed her similarly as a Callidus assassin. That plasma pistol hand was a tougher conversion than it looks!


I still need to tidy up some things here and there but nothing much.



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2 thoughts on “Tech-priest assassin – Nephthys

  1. Wudugast says:

    Been wanting to see that head used on a 40k conversion for a long time – nice work! The bird-like legs work well and really add to the strangeness of her appearance (alien without being xenos if you get my meaning). The gun looks a little heavy for her to my eye (a problem I encounter all the time – stemming from it being scaled for a space marine) but the reinforced cybernetic arm should balance that out. She certainly beats the hell out of the official Callidus!

    • Yeah it was bound to be wasn’t it 🙂
      I totally get it and that was exactly my goal so very happy I succeeded there.
      Someone mentioned that on Ammobunker and despite it being a deliberate choice I’ll change it for a smaller one. I’ve got some in metal I believe.

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