Sicarian Horrorstalker


Where is that beast..that monster?!
How can something so large move so fast…so silent?!
I believe this is the end of me..
– last transcript picked up from Magos Explarator Virtzog

This is the first proper miniature for my Dark Mechanicus. I’m heavily inspired by the Tekslav Dark Mechanicus from ExProfundis. I mean, how can you not!


Anyway, this is a count-as Sicarian Ruststalker Princeps.


He barely fits the base but that just adds to his looming presence. As a princeps he’ll be the largest of the pack.


So yeah, they will all be brutes. I think the contrast to the stock ones will be interesting and fitting as these guys follow the true path of the Omnissiah.



5 thoughts on “Sicarian Horrorstalker

  1. Ooooh – he’s looking a bit of alright!

  2. jimmygrill1 says:

    Very interesting take on Sicarians, certainly a very cool model.

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