Battle report: Admech vs Space Wolves

Time for another game with my Darkmech! This week it’s against Hallvard and his Space Wolves.

We go straight for the juicy stuff 🙂

His list
Harald Deathwolf
3 Thunderwolves
6 Long Fangs
5 Terminators
1 Venerable Dreadnought in drop pod
Stormfang gunship

My list
Skitarii maniple
10 vanguard
– 2 plasma calivers
– omnispex
– Alpha is warlord

10 rangers
– 3 arc rifles
– omnispex

5 ruststalkers
– infoslave skull

2 onagers
– neutron lasers

Oathsworn detachment
Knight Errant

Knight Paladin
– meltagun

Pre-game stuff
Mission: The Spoils of War
Primary: achieve as many tactical objectives as possible
Secondary, slay the warlord, first blood, linebreaker
Deployment: Dawn of War

Warlord traits:
– Darkmech: Eternal warrior
– Space Wolves: Feel no Pain

Psychic powers: 
– Darkmech: nil
– Space Wolves: nil

The game
He rolled highest and opted to let me deploy first. Then the bugger seized on me..

Turn 1
Hallvard went straight for it deploying his dread to block my sicarians advance.

His thunderwolves advance up on the same side.

In the shooting phase the Long Fangs fire at the Paladin but doesn’t inflict anything.

My turn. My sicarians target the vindi. Vanguard moved into the building. Errant moves forward.
I boosted BS +1

Onagers took out the Long Fangs for first blood. Vanguard took 1 hp off the pod. The rest missed.
Sicarians assault and glanced the vindi to a wreck. I get 1 vp for assault and d3 = 3 for having control over twice as many as Hallvard.

Tommy: 5
Hallvard: 0

Turn 2
Hallvards reserves enter.


Dread flames my sicarians killing 1. Pod misses. Termies target rangers killing 4, I hold. The flyer target the Paladin taking 4 hull points.

Dread assault sicarians, killing 3 and the last one flees. Thunderwolves assault the errant. I strike first and killed two with str D. He fails to injure me, I killed another with a D strength stomp. Deathwolf runs a staggering 6″ – sniggering ensued from me 🙂


Errant goes for the warlord, Paladin moved into the center in case of an explosion. Onagers moved into range of the termies. Rangers back on objective 6. Sicarian runs off.

Onagers killed all of the termies. WOW! Paladin takes the pod. Vanguard take 1 hp off the dread. Errant charge the warlord.

Inflict only one wound. Take 2 hp in return. Drats..
I score 1 vp for objective 6

Tommy: 6
Hallvard: 0

Turn 3 
Hallvard wants blood.

I managed to survive the onslaught only losing 1 hp.

The dread then join the combat with the errant. Errant doesn’t do much, gets killed and explodes killing the warlord though the dread survive. I get slay the warlord.

Alton, why did you die…sob 😦

My turn. Onagers moved in range of the dread. I boosted BS +2.

Vanguard use the plasma calivers and glanced the dread to death. Rangers fired at the flyer with the arc rifle, glancing twice despite jink. Haywire is AWESOME!

I get a vp for dead character.

Tommy: 8
Hallvard: 0

Hallvard only has the flyer with 1 hp left so called it there. What. A. Brutal. Match!

Post game thoughts
This game couldn’t have gone better. I really stomped him and I wouldn’t have done anything different basically. Next game I’ll test out a full admech list with Cult Mechanicus units as well.


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3 thoughts on “Battle report: Admech vs Space Wolves

  1. Payce says:

    Alton got killed for being unpainted, clearly 😉

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