(un)Holy Requisitioner


Ogdoad didn’t even notice his faithful servants as they threw themselves against the enemy protecting him with their lives..his focus lay elsewhere..

Believed to be one of the senior members of the Cult, Ogdoad is always surrounded by his breacher bodyguard.


Never communicating directly with any of the lower caste cultists his agenda is never apparent, seemingly pleased after finding mere trinkets and baubles.


He always leaves as he arrived. Unannounced and immediate.


Leaving the simple footsoldiers of the Cult bewildered.


He wears a ceremonial headgear, marked with the symbol of the Red Crown.


I did one major design change from the WiP, namely the axehead. Being a huge Jeff Vader fan it was hard not too 😉 I do think it helps with the aesthetics as it’s a very brutal weapon now. Ogdoad doesn’t care about showing his station. He cares about efficiency in completing his assignment as given by the Cult.

Other than that I stuck true to my now quite familiar cult scheme. It was also nice being able to actually add the symbol of the Cult. It is only for the few to wear and Ogdoad is undoubtedly one of them.


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6 thoughts on “(un)Holy Requisitioner

  1. Payce says:

    I usually don’t curse and swear on the internet, it’s because of this guy.


  2. Joe B. says:

    Amazing work. The subtle change of the ax is brilliant and I love the weathering detail you put on the cloak.

  3. greggles says:

    I took one look at the Requisitioner and immediately thought of the Skeksis from the Dark Crystal. Such a lovely style and shifting pose you’ve created here. Top notch work that should be showcased heavily!

  4. […] Ogdoad is my dark version of a tech priest well then I hope you see the shining white knight in Shizmu. I […]

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