I don’t have a phobia against mice and rats but I do find large numbers of them unnerving nonetheless!

That’s why I wanted a unit with a lot of them there. Its just part of the skaven package as I see it and almost equally frightening as the big mutated monsters they field. Maybe more because we all can relate to hordes of rats one way or the other can’t we?

Speaking of big mutated monsters..

Rat ogres


I got hold of the IoB skaven for a very good price. Happy I did because the rat ogres in that set are fantastic sculpts. Since shooting is so potent now I added that option to them. Still need to greenstuff a bit on the leftmost one.

Weapon teams


Okay so this one is a love / hate thing. The team on the left are great, nothing wrong there but the team on the right..bleh! If I can’t salvage it when painting there’s no way I’m using those. Ever.

Chieftain with battle standard


As I already have a skaven warlord and another Headtaker I didn’t bother making the IoS warlord into just that. This is very early though so a ton of work left.


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2 thoughts on “Musophobia

  1. Payce says:

    This is coming along really nicely. The rat horde looks great on those bases. Going to take a loooooot of arrows getting rid of those…

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