Lo and behold – my test figure is ready!

I follow quite a few blogs, there’s a ton of extremely talented people out there that inspire me every day. One of the very best are the fantastically talented guys at the Blog de Kouze. I mean take some time and check out their content. It’s insane! Well as we’re unto inspiring content they posted this the other day. And as “simple” as that I knew how I wanted to paint my own skaven after thinking about it non-stop for a lot of days. So Mr. Morback, I hope you can forgive me for looting your scheme and mutilating it with my meagre skills 🙂

After so many words – pics!





I’m very happy with him and I can’t wait to paint Thanquol and Boneripper in this scheme!


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10 thoughts on “Squeek!

  1. morback says:

    I completely forgive you, for that is the purpose of our blog to inspire people, give them ideas and motivate them!

    Very nice painting on that Warplock Engineer! The only thing I would do is highlighting the black with a turquoise colour. I used Sotek Green, that gives a good contrast with the red.
    But you don’t have to. 😉

    Enjoy your painting!

    • Thank you, and as I mentioned in the blog post you guys are one of the most inspirational blogs I know of 🙂

      That’s a great suggestion and I’ll definitely try it out. I just used a safe route with my dirty black but I need to push further. The thing I like the most is the skin and fur personally. I feel I nailed that quite well.

      I sure do and thanks again 🙂

  2. greggles says:

    Thanks for a new blog to follow! You’ve done a killer job on this skaven dude as well! Def my favorite army after orks 🙂

  3. Good colour scheme, the red and black is a good contrast to the pale skin.

    It’s nice to see someone else doing Skaven for Age of Sigmar!

  4. François Ridel says:

    I have only just seen your figurine of skaven, beautiful paint! I also took out again for some time my skavens of the 1985s 1990 to move forward an army for a long time begun. It is the nostalgia for the army Skaven de Monsieur Andy Chambers…Good warpstone!

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