Beluga 61. Manufacturom


Who said I was done building big buildings 😀

My Manufacturom is a combined build of a very old Manufacturom I had. This is the painted segments. The unpainted are the ones from the imperial sector box. I just wanted the craziest building I could put together!


Since I quite early went out of the ruined end segments I made my own using the pliers as seen here.


The Eagles nest. Barely hanging on there so who dares use it 😉


This is also a building that can hold a lot of troops.


Since I have a flat mat I don’t plan on making bases for my buildings. Before I end today’s post here’s Barry and Barry!


Can you see Lil B?



2 thoughts on “Beluga 61. Manufacturom

  1. Wudugast says:

    Wow, that’s a big tower! I didn’t realise quite how big until I saw it standing next to Big Barry. (Spotted Little Barry lurking too). Nice one 🙂

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