The Children #1


Out of the ruins, out from the wreckage
Can’t make the same mistakes this time
We are the children, the last generation
We are the ones they left behind
And I wonder when we are ever gonna change?
Living under the fear, till nothing else remains..

So while I’m painting my admech gang I’ve started to prepare for the next lot. A scavvies / mutants gang. Basically something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time so let’s see where this ends.


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4 thoughts on “The Children #1

  1. Wudugast says:

    Liking them, very evil. I like how a headswap and not painting them green makes a nifty little mutant out of a gretchin.

  2. Odie says:

    Head swaps on little guys like this are such classic conversions. I’ve been tempted to make a crew of these myself.

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