The Children #1


Out of the ruins, out from the wreckage
Can’t make the same mistakes this time
We are the children, the last generation
We are the ones they left behind
And I wonder when we are ever gonna change?
Living under the fear, till nothing else remains..

So while I’m painting my admech gang I’ve started to prepare for the next lot. A scavvies / mutants gang. Basically something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time so let’s see where this ends.


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4 thoughts on “The Children #1

  1. Wudugast says:

    Liking them, very evil. I like how a headswap and not painting them green makes a nifty little mutant out of a gretchin.

  2. Odie says:

    Head swaps on little guys like this are such classic conversions. I’ve been tempted to make a crew of these myself.

    • Indeed I just had to do it myself. The heads are from the chaos warshrine ogres. I’ll be mixing in others as well and I’ll also have normal sized scavs and even bigger ones.

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