Age of Sigmar and the Time of War rules


So we’ve got this set of rules and have we really understood what it’s all about? I haven’t so here’s me finding out 🙂

Let me start by saying I’m no expert. I do however own both books and I’ve tried to gather what the rules might add to your games.

What is the Time of War rules?
Basically the rules are covering how the different realms and actually different areas within the realms play out. This is achieved by for example giving additional bonuses that you can use in-game if you have the right units with the right keywords. It also impact the environment in both positive and negative ways.

So it’s really a way of giving an advanced ruleset for your games. This definitely help the longevity imo.

Realm of Fire – Brimstone Peninsula
The first realm we enter is the realm of fire and the Brimstone Peninsula. This realm is covered in the Age of Sigmar book.

This one is quite good for Chaos as it allows your general to once per game summon something random on a d6. We’re talking getting daemons and even a hero or monster if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky you suffer d3 wounds on a roll of 1. Very in character I’d say!

Fear not however as if your general is aligned with Order or Destruction then you can once per battle summon  unit(s) of Stormcast Eternals depending on the turn and your roll. Sigmar protects indeed! In addition if you have a priest of order then you can get some Rain of Sigmar. Depending on game turn and dice roll this can add 2 in bravery for everyone with the keyword Order while subtracting 2 in bravery from those with the keyword Chaos. This is a devastating move and can with good timing totally annihilate an opponent.

A bonus for all wizards in this realm is that they know the fireball spell. It actually cause mortal wounds and increase in damage the bigger the target unit is!

On the Brimstone Peninsula your missiles start to burn with magical fire. This forces ‘re-rolls of 1s. Ouch! Terrain features are wreathed in smoke though so you cannot see over terrain features. Helps but can definitely work both ways. Then you have geysers of blood. I’ll let you figure out those for yourself but they’re not good though a priest of khorne can reduce the impact a bit.

Finally you have a different triumph table you can use.

Brimstone Peninsula conclusion
As it’s namesake this is a dangerous place to be! The Rain of Sigmar and those mortal-wound inflicting fireballs catches my eye immediately. I think the edge goes to Order and Destruction here actually. I didn’t expect that.

Realm of Life – The Greenglades
The second realm is also featured in the Age of Sigmar book.

This one is a bit more specific as it’s very clearly not a very dangerous place to stay in as it buffs you but nurgle really come into their own here and are extremely difficult to remove basically.  The other buffs are woods springing up here and there as well as ignoring flee results and even heal wounds.

Wizards all know the shield of thorns spell which is another one inflicting mortal wounds though not as bad as the fireball. Wizards of nurgle in addition know the miasma of pestilence. This spell subtract the to hit rolls of one of the opposing players units of 1. Annoying but not a game changer, or?

Finally you have a separate triumph table here as well.

Greenglades conclusion
For some reason this feels like playing in nurgles homecourt and I guess that’s fitting as far as the fluff goes though for sheer craziness I prefer the Brimstone Peninsula. It just seems more fun though I don’t play nurgle 🙂

We now move over to the 3 realms in the Quest for Ghal Maraz book.

Realm of Metal – Valleys of Anvrok
This one is actually very similar to the Brimstone Peninsula but with the following differences.

All priests affect metal as in armour quite uniquely. If you wish you can use metalshifting powers in combat. When striking an opponent the wounds are inflicted if he succeed his save roll and stopped if he fail. So basically a bitch move against heavily armoured units!

All wizards know a spell here as well, here it’s the Transmutation of Lead. It actually affect movement by subtracting it from the target unit. Wow this is actually a great spell!

Other than that you have the Alchemists Moon that both bolster and subtract all kinds of stuff. Full moon combined with things inflicting mortal wounds are downright nasty.

As we’re now getting used to, Anvrok has its own triumph table.

Hanging Valleys of Anvrok conclusion
This one looks really fun. I like that things doesn’t affect units directly by killing them outright but by altering stats which combined with the right moves can totally change the game.

So pretty damned cool stuff so far!

Realm of Life – Rotwater Blight
So we now start to see that at least some of the base rules for the realms are established. Rotwater Blight and the Greenglades share the same rules except The Oak of Ages past and the Wyldwood awakens rules.

The Oak of Ages past start as corrupt and imbue nurgle units with a save of 6+ against mortal wounds. However it can change if you roll high enough and drive off the nurgle daemons. Then it imbue order units with easier battleshock tests. Nifty little thing this and it improves the overall rules for the realm.

As for the Wyldwood Awakens it only affect in a order vs chaos match by aiding order with sylvaneth reinforcements.

Rotwater Blight conclusion
Slightly better than the Greenglades but primarily in the classic matchup of order vs chaos. Okay I guess.

Realm of Metal – Great Crucible
So the final location in what must be my longest article in ages!

This one is an add-on for the Hanging Valleys of Anvrok.

Here you enter tzeentchs playground and if you’re not tzeentch you’re in for a tough time casting spells, especially if you roll a double. Yikes!

If you do play tzeentch and your wizard is slain you can resurrect him fully on 4+ – that’s crazy good!

Finally you have the daemongale that summons daemons of tzeentch to the game.

Great Crucible conclusion
A mildly put crazy add-on but if you’re playing tzeentch and your opponent is game I can see some hilariously good value out of it for both parts 🙂

Time of War Rules conclusion
As I opened up with this is basically an advanced ruleset to add to your games and the Realm of Fire and Metal looks most fun at that from my perspective. It also makes me look forward to the realms we haven’t been introduced to yet. It’s bound to be some crazy stuff in the pipeline and I think that’s a good thing!

I’m definitely trying out one of the realms next game I play. My rats needs some air 😀


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