Chapter 666 #10 – Hear ye, hear ye!


Heraldor Ceryx proclaiming the coming cleansing.


Ceryx, Honourable Heraldor of the Kerykes and bound by blood oath to the 666th.


His cloak is merged from three different kits.


The staff of office.


Dwarfed by those he serve..


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 666 #10 – Hear ye, hear ye!

  1. Adam Wier says:

    Heraldor Ceryx looks fantastic! I love how you merged all of those cloaks together so seamlessly. His staff with the speaker mounted to it is a great touch too (is the speaker tilted downwards a little too much? I think it should be facing straight forward.).

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you Adam 🙂 I felt I needed something to actually bring out the almost alien nature of the astartes. But I did sneak in a few details that show that Ceryx himself has done measures to increase his lifespan. The staff is quite funny actually. In one pic you can see the backside and the microphone. It’s square on but he’s holding the staff slanted forwards.
      I’ll try, but thanks again for the support 🙂

  2. […] the observant viewer you might remember the miniature from an earlier project. As that one fell apart it was nice being able to use it for something […]

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