The Road to NM 2016 #6 – Reality check..


It’s been a good month since my last update on my preparations for the Miniatyrspill NM 2016 tournament as my regular readers will know. Here’s why.

I’m going to be a father again, and for the first time to a girl πŸ˜€ I already have 3 boys. This has obviously cut hard into my hobby time as my girlfriend has not felt so good during the pregnancy. She’s overall fine but this is the first pregnancy she’s been so unwell. That combined with a brutal amount of stuff to do at work both now and after the holidays means I’ve needed to change my priorities.

I still plan on going but now there’s a big IF involved.

With my reduced “schedule” for all things hobby I’ve decided to drop the Tomb Kings and instead using an army I already have that’s done. My Chaos Dwarfs. Here’s the planned list:


Sorcerer Prophet (warlord)
Castellan BSB
20 Infernal Guard
6 K’daai Fireborn
Iron Daemon
2 Deathshrieker Rockets
1 Dreadquake Mortar

That’s 30 points according to the comp.

A bit traditional but it’s probably not half bad. Bonus is that I can continue with my very slow progress INQ projects as they fit better with the time I have at hand.

So all in all its good (and exciting) times ahead πŸ™‚


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4 thoughts on “The Road to NM 2016 #6 – Reality check..

  1. Wudugast says:

    Sorry to hear your girlfriend isn’t so well but congratulations otherwise – both on becoming a father again and on recognising that chaos dwarfs are a thousand times more awesome than tomb kings! Good luck at the tournament πŸ™‚

  2. greggles says:

    Congrats on the incoming podling! Hopefully your girl gets better. I’m sure everything will be great! Keep up the awesome work btw. Models are looking great as always. I’ve been mega slacking so just updating one comment so I don’t have to spend three weeks catching up πŸ™‚

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