Chapter 666 #14 – Speeder


I haven’t seen The Force Awakens but I’ve seen that new speeder and that set things in motion!

I’m obviously talking about this one.


I did have a jetbike in mind for the Violet Dagger but I originally thought of using the RT ones as I have a few lying around. I might revisit that idea later but for now I’m very happy with the speeder I’ve kitbashed.




It’s still very rough but it’s coming along just fine. I’m on the fence on a few issues however, mainly of I should integrate weapons or not. I’m inclined towards not.


What’s your opinion?


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 666 #14 – Speeder

  1. JørnN says:

    Really nice kit-bash! Would you mind doing a quick parts-list?
    As for integrating weapons, I’d rather integrate a few magnets to keep the option open even after you’ve finished the model.

    • Cheers 🙂 Well I can see if I remember them all:
      – Oop Dark Eldar Raider for the main body
      – Dark Eldar reaver jetbike for the steering and seat
      – I think it’s a land raider engine trimmed to fit
      – the front is just various loose bits I found
      – all white segments are plasticard

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