Feature. Khorne warband!


PtG is really picking up speed in my club! Here’s Anders’ WiP Khorne Warband the Mad Dogs Realm Pirates!

Anders already plays Khorne and has quite a lot of WoCies but is using PtG as a way of motivating himself into painting.



I quite like his Lord, very no nonsense type of character.


Though one of my favorites are without a doubt the Slaughterpriest. As you can see in the army pic he’s a big one!


Here’s a horde of werewolf blood warriors or whatever they’re called originally. Great kitbash nonetheless.


Very nice!


This is one of his chaos ogres. It’s a heresy model and a really cool one imo!


Just look at that mug!


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4 thoughts on “Feature. Khorne warband!

  1. Wudugast says:

    Another cracking set of models there (although I admit I was momentarily distracted by the face lunging into view on the first picture!) Any chance we could see a second feature once everything is painted up?

  2. Remnante says:

    Looks great, I’d love to see more pictures of that lord! It seems that everyone in your group is very talented

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