Nestorian Infestation


What can happen if I and WilhelMiniatures decide to join up and make a project together with the aim of playing?

Well personally I think it’ll be pretty awesome tbh ­čÖé

In short we will each make an Inquisitor, a Genestealer cult and a small group of Deathwatch marines and then switch it up between games. This serves multiple reasons but primarily both can make fun stuff as its obviously the cult that’s the most interesting from our perspective at least.

The game will be late fall in Oslo as I’m going down there for a training course.

This leaves us with quite a bit of time on our hands which is a good thing as it’ll hopefully produce a lot of really nice miniatures and background.

Wilhelm is already well into his cult which you can see by clicking on the link up there. So I’ll start with Deathwatch to counter it ­čśë

As far as background, here’s a tidbit..

Nestorianism is a doctrine that emphasizes the disunion between the human and divine and seek to join and enhance the human by joining the hive mind and thus become divine.
– from the Teachings of Nestorian, former Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

Nestorian..what have you done..?
– Berrugoete, Ordo Xenos inquisitor, brother


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4 thoughts on “Nestorian Infestation

  1. Fran├žois Ridel says:

    Hello my friend! It is not because I do not leave comments that I do not look at your blog! Everything is there so well! I waits for your G├ęnestelear cult with impatience!!!

  2. Fran├žois Ridel says:

    I will not miss it for the world

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