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Nestorian Infestation #40

With the holidays looming ahead I felt it opportune to mark it off with a huge update on my take on the Genestealer Cult!

As everyone that follows me knows, the Nestorian Infestation setting with Helge from Wilhelminiatures has been many years in the making. The part of a cult I’m working on now is the depraved court of a matriark..

This is not the finished court but more of tve halfway mark(ish).

But let us start with a couple of beasties that roam the near districts of the matriarks stronghold.

The Beggar Prince is a blind and broken creature..roaming the catacombs..muttering phrases in a long forgotten tongue. This is one of those minis I don’t see as a hostile, more of an NPC.

This beast is unnamed..for why should it have one..this is more a random encounter type of miniature. Just wandering around, firing his bio weapon irregulary..

But enough of meaningless beasts..let us take a look at the court of the matriark!

Behold the stout and brave knight..and the wise chancellor..damaged little playthings mingling and tripping around in the court..

..and here, the herald herself and a noble constable..

Coming soon to the court is the honorary prelate Askesiss..

So yes..the court is soon set. To keep an eye on the further proceedings..the constable keeps an eye on it..

Until the next one 🙂


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Nestorian Infestation #39

Viscount Petr Blavaskoy..

Created a new character for Nestorian Infestation based around the excellent walking bonechair model from the Ossiarch Bonereapers range and the head from the Janus model in Wilhelminiatures range. Throw in a few bits and some greenstuff and hey presto – here (something) it is!

In short he is a minor noble in the Matriarchs court. Minor in status but not of confidence nor ambition. I will explore more of his followers as we move on.


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Nestorian Infestation #38

Mosuo dan Bribrix, Matriarch of House Akan readies herself for the arrival of Master Nestorian..

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The Bloodbowl28 Challenge #5


The due date for entering your finished #bloodbowl28 mini(s) are closing in!

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Nestorian Infestation #36

..out of the dark..another hybrid abomination of Nestorian..

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The Bloodbowl28 Challenge #4

It is time to check out all of the awesome WiPs that people have made for the challenge!

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