..of Matters Arcane and Magic #29


While some only adopt the aether.. some are forged in it..

Ogors of Chaos..feral beasts, even for their kind..



The mutant..so called leader has eschewed armour..letting his body be overtaken by change..



Do not mistake the open sores as wounds..it is change constantly remodelling the flesh..thrumming drums sound..summoning more followers..



Binding the aether born in the physical realm is a normal way of displaying patronage..the Eternal Watcher forced to see and tell the Lord of the changing ways of Hurvald’s greatness..


..and so grows the warband and strength of Hurvald Windblade..

You obviously noticed that these are painted more raw and harsh. This is to discern them from mere mortals not those born in the chaos realms.


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7 thoughts on “..of Matters Arcane and Magic #29

  1. Ben Saunders says:

    These turned out really well.

    You’ve inspired me to try something similar, only with non-IoB Rat Ogres into Minotaurs. Just looking for some heads now…

  2. Very raw-looking, I imagine they must be in a lot of pain constantly with their forms constantly fluctuating!

    I’ve only just noticed the origins of the banner – the Disk from the Gaunt Summoner?

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