Kakofoni #2


Unlike the weak ones we where not tricked unto the path we are on..we choose it..

Sestertius of the Kakofoni

It’s taken a while but as you probably know the Nestorian infestation came “in the way” 🙂

Anyway when I first started thinking of 30k it was actually Wilhelm that came with the suggestion to make EC and it wasn’t on my shortlist of contenders even – though slaanesh has been on my bucket list for like forever.

So with Sestertius up there it looks kinda underwhelming I guess but don’t worry, I’m far from done yet but I was so pleased with the core build I wanted to share it 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Kakofoni #2

  1. Greg Wier says:

    You have so very many projects going on! I like the start of this model a lot, particularly the speaker set into his shoulder pad. Are you going to consider some means to have his noise weapon linked to his suit? I suppose I am not overly familiar with noise weapon, but if that speaker is associated with it, the weapon should probably be linked with his suit?

    • Yep that is an undeniable fact..but in fairness the PtG warband only has one miniature left which only needs a lick of paint and the Nestorian project is approximately halfway so I think I’m good. Though the Silver Tower is on the way 😀

      It’ll definitely be integrated in more ways than one with cables and such.

  2. Alex says:

    Great start, looking forward to this – I have a soft spot for shiny purple power armour…

  3. Wudugast says:

    Glad to see you coming back to this one – I expect a metric ton of inspiration to come my way by watching you tackle this!

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