Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #6


More adversaries ready for paint, including the Librarian for the first trial!

I’m using my armless horrors that I made for summoning as blue horrors so that allows a bit of leeway on the pink and brimstone horrors. On the latter I just built them as is but I’ll paint them in fleshy hues instead.

Pink Horrors


They’re great sculpts but identical as well as a lot of clutter with all of the arms and stuff so I pretty much just simplified them and made them more individual


As for my PtG warband these can be used as champions and even heralds in a pinch.

The Librarian


I haven’t cheated but from one of the WDs and in the novella the Librarian is veges first guy you met. So I decided to make my own from a blue horror, kroot legs and skaven books. This one can definitely double as a herald!


If there’s more of these types of characters in the game I’ll make separate miniatures of them if it makes sense to do so.


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11 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #6

  1. The librarian is brilliant !!

  2. Good job! I relly like the librarian. It’s probably a lot more fun to play the game, when you have given even the smaller characters individual details, that make them stand out.

  3. Alex says:

    Very nice indeed mate – can’t wait for the painting to begin!

  4. Fantastic! I may be stealing an idea or two again Red!!

  5. greggles says:

    I never get tired of catching up here and looking at all the character and flare you put into all your models. Just an absolute treat.

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