WAAAGH ere we go!

Finally getting to it again with my epic horde of orks and here’s the results so far!

WordPress is updated so editing isn’t like it used to..need to get familiar with it but nonetheless, here be pictures.

Note that the headings are for the various detatchments that my list consists of. I use Epic 40k as the rule basis and this is approximately 2000 points. This is also pre conversions though I’ve started on some as you’ll see.


Of all the gargant and stompa models this one is undoubtedly the best one and as it fits with my theme in 40k I obviously made it my warlord.

I can’t have a bodyguard in the warlord detatchment since I have gargant so I’m seriously considering another great gargant to build it up to 2500 points.

Ork Warband #1

The mainstay of any horde is boys but as I love dakka I went for short boys and big guns.

Ork Warband #2

More shooty boys but here I’ve added some real goodies like the shokk attack guns and the squiggoths. I’ll sprinkle in as many of those old really cool models in my army.

Flyboys Mob

Good old Andy Chambers always championed using fighta-bommers so this choice is directly due to that 🙂

Battle Fortress mob

These are just awesome miniatures and they where a must though I have no idea on if it’ll be worth it.

Kult of Speed

Another collection of very cool models I just wanted in my horde. I’ve started to tweak them a bit so they’re not so similar but I’ll try not to go bonkers with them.


I bought this army second hand as you might remember and with it I got some of the boxes that feature some really cool artwork. I’ll show more as I go along.

The next stage for me will be converting the miniatures and basing them. I want my stamp on these so it’s essential to do it. The paint scheme will be Death Skullz obviously 😉

I think I’ll add another gargant and another Kult of Speed mob with all of my buggies and bikes to bring the horde up to 2500 points.
In a week or two I hope to get in the first few games against a Blood Angels army. For some reason I think narrative when thinking of playing Epic so let’s see how that works out 🙂


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4 thoughts on “WAAAGH ere we go!

  1. Alex says:

    Really cool to see these old gems ready for painting – I have a massive love for those battle fortresses in particular, and I reckon a DeathSkull scheme will suit them perfectly!

  2. Greg says:

    This is a really neat project! I got into Games Workshop games towards the end of the second edition of 40k, when Epic was on its way out. I always wanted to try it, but was young at the time and had no money. I am excited to see how this turns out.

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