Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #16

I ordered WHQ so early I got the character card for a Battlemage so I just had to build one!

For the observant viewer you might remember the miniature from an earlier project. As that one fell apart it was nice being able to use it for something worthwhile.

I changed the lower body and added accessories that felt wizardy enough.

The staff was just a bunch of stuff I found and glued it all together.

Beyond that it wasn’t much to do as he basically was finished beforehand.

Still very pleased with the cloak.

Back to adversaries tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #16

  1. Gregory Wier says:

    Nice to see that this model has been brought back to see some use. Electropriest legs and a scion breastplate? I like the head too, but don’t recall where it comes from. An Empire kit? Does he had tiny horns sprouting from his forehead?

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