Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #21

First half of the Kairic Acolytes are done!

I’ve actually played a few games of WHQ so that’s had an impact on my hobby time but it’s all good.

I’m very happy I spent a bit of time converting these as they’re among my fav miniatures in the box.

I really hope that both the Acolytes and the Tzaangors get their own boxes as I want more.

Despite being mages they’re quite buff and warriorlike.

This guy is one of my fav acolyte conversions.

The humpback came out really well!

Another fav, the build came together really well.

Note that I vary between brown and white cloth. This is my way of discerning between those with sorcerous powers (white) and those without (brown).

I’m also putting paint to brush on the battlemage hero while starting on the final batch of five Acolytes.


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11 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #21

  1. Alex says:

    Superb again mate, these really are the highlight of the box for me, lovely minis 🙂

  2. Wudugast says:

    Looking good mate – love the guy with two heads! Nice work on the metal as well – especially the verdigris. Any tips on getting that blue tinge to the metal (e.g on the shoulder pads) – it never really works for me?

  3. Riot says:

    Another brilliant conversion.

  4. Joe B. says:

    Amazing work again! You continue to take awesome sculpts to the next level with your tweaks and natural-ish paint scheme.

  5. greggles says:

    Everytime I don’t visit your blog for a few weeks, I come back to an absolutely wonderful torrent of work! You’d think I was visiting mordain’s blog at the speed you produce! Loving the gritty skin tones…just awesome!

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