Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #24

Enter the Tower at your own peril “hero”…

Endless chambers, endless adversaries..

I haven’t slept nor eaten since entering the Tower..I have no need but I yearn for a respite..

Yet I hardly dare to put down my weapons..even for a mere few moments..

As I have learned that the Tower preys on me..

But why I do not know..so I fight and fight until evermore is nevermore..

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series! As I mentioned in the previous post there will be a few models in addition but the main bulk of my set is hereby complete 🙂


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24 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #24

  1. Great stuff!
    I would love to see some of these models in real life. The pinkish human flesh colour on the daemons make them look a lot creepier and more nightmarish, than the classic GW painting style. It’s great to see them all together!

  2. Thomas Cato says:

    It was totally awesome. You should now tour the world’s miniature gaming conventions so people can play against your version of the Silver Tower with their own original hero conversions 🙂

  3. Adam Wier says:

    This is an impressive body work! It has been a pleasure seeing you work you way through all of the models and add your own unique flair to the models. Your paint scheme really helps tie all of the weird horrors together and really makes them seem like they are all linked to that loathsome and twisted tower!

  4. Alex says:

    Superb job mate, truly superb… fancy painting my set for me? 😉

  5. Excellent mate. Love the colour choices.

  6. Tony says:


    I’m a bit of a lurker and don’t do much comments on blogs. I have been following your blog since you started PtG Warband.

    And I must say that I love the style you used on your Warband and Silver Tower. Original paint scheme and great conversions.

    If I could ask for something it would be tutorials on how you do your demonflesh, bases and how your paint your blacks.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Tony and thanks for chiming in 🙂
      I’ve thought of making some tutorials for a while but I’m so stumped on time I hardly manage to do a normal blog week. It’s on my to do list so stick with me 🙂

      • Tony says:

        I understand, been thinking about doing a blog myself for a while, but hardly have any hobby time, and then to squeeze in blog time on that…

        Ohh I will 🙂

        Now I’m looking forward to your game against Helge.

      • Well real life doesn’t ease up as the years go by!
        Me too 😀

  7. greggles says:

    Just beautiful. No other words. Never stop making stuff, you are awesome at it!

  8. ejhenries says:


  9. Ben Von says:

    Ooh, just discovered your blog through a google search, looks like I’ve got a lot of back-posts to read!

  10. Kadmon says:

    This looks great! I’ve linked your work in my article about Silver Tower: This was a useful review! I’ve linked your work in my article about Silver Tower: https://alkony.enerla.net/english/the-nexus/board-games-nexus/board-game/silver-tower-for-warhammer-quest-from-games-workshop-2016-board-game-review

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