Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #26

Burst to life Fl’pendrala R’abru..

I assume (or is it presume) that you didn’t expect me to paint her like this.

I obviously wanted to use the mortal base and then layer on the daemon flesh distorting it as is now a standard.

Physically she doesn’t look like a human and that’s intentional seeing she’s a plant.

I also added blue in the mix which is a daemon flesh colour I’ve reserved for only a select few, like the asscannon.

I’m very happy with her so she’ll definitely terrorize the intruders in the Tower 😉

So what did you expect and how do you think she turned out?


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4 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #26

  1. Alex says:

    Woah, she is freaky – in a cool and awesome way of course! Great interpretation mate, and superb paint job… what a model!

  2. Adam Wier says:

    Fantastic looking conversion and paint job. The freakiest Wood Elf Spellsinger I have ever seen. 😉

    All those extra horror arms were put to great use!

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