..of Matters Arcane and Magic #41


There. Calling him done!

I’ve tried to push myself on the blending here, especially on the face.

Next is painting the truescale terminator and continue on the Unicron project but meanwhile – thoughts on the Lord of Change here?


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9 thoughts on “..of Matters Arcane and Magic #41

  1. Amazing work, Tommy. Love this model. You’ve really brought the colourful side of Tzeentch out without it being gawdy. The use of the Night Goblin totem from Skull Pass for a head is brilliant.

  2. Geir says:

    This is a masterpiece! I love the blend, the composition and the feel of the mini. Great Jon!

  3. Alex says:

    Splendid job mate, love the flesh tones you’ve achieved here, the blending is spot on. I am now ridiculously excited about your unicorn project!

  4. Ross says:

    Brother, this guy is insanely cool!! Loving the moon face totem in particular!

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