WHQ: Hammerhal #3

The Nurgle bordello are soon ready to open shop..

As I’ve already mentioned several times I’ll be taking a slightly different route with my WHQ set. I will divide the various factions into small individual cults embedded or rather hidden in Cinderfall. They will take the roles of adversaries in-game but also they might open shop in-between games as well.

First up is the Nurgle bordello of Lady Damnable.

In daylight they are not so pretty nor can the petty Magic hide the truth..

Lady Damnable, mistress of the bordello

The Bouncer. Keeping the girls “safe”..

Skinny Ann. One of the working girls..

Bertha. Always popular with more and she has plenty of it..

Gloryboy. Not even a cultist of Nurgle can stand the terrible sights that Gloryboy must endure..

I will use a mix of blight kings and plaguebearer rules as well as some of my own. I will need a few more working girls here just to bulk it out a bit but I really like these so far.

Your thoughts?


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17 thoughts on “WHQ: Hammerhal #3

  1. Alex says:

    Mate, this is nasty… and brilliant… but mostly nasty *shudder* 😉

  2. heresyofus says:

    Oh so gribbly and nasty and down right disgusting! Bravo sir, job well done.

  3. Grubby and disgustingly good mate. Well done.

  4. NafNaf says:

    Love them. Packed full of character, and the theme is great

  5. Wudugast says:

    That is dark mate – I love it! Never thought of a Nurgle brothel but now you have it makes so much sense, it’s up there with Nurgle soup kitchens as a way to spread his blessings as fast as possible!

    • Thank you! Yeah it is dark and really, really bad. I do not condone this stuff IRL but in this setting it tells a necessary tale of one of the antagonists. I was however very conscious on not doing anything speculative.

      • Wudugast says:

        Aye, it’s always a fear with anything fictional isn’t it? I recall reading a crime novel several years ago then a year or so later seeing an almost identical murder being described on the news. Of course it is a little chilling, and part of you asks, was the murderer inspired by the book – but ultimately there’s no grounds to believe that someone would be going blithely and peacefully through their life only to be inspired to brutality by a piece of fiction. If one wants to go around murdering people one will find an excuse.

        To me it is cathartic, a compartmentalisation of the violent tendencies which have been so necessary to humanity for all of our evolutionary history but which no longer serve us well in our day to day life. One can go to an anti-war march, then go home and shoot people up in a computer game, or paint tiny models that represent characters who murder whole planets, and I don’t see a contradiction. We have cruel and violent tendencies, otherwise we would have been eaten long before we got around to making tools, and fiction gives that a place where it can be expressed in a healthy way. I look at a Nurgle miniature and my fears of plague and sickness become less an amorphous horror and more a relatable figure, something I can metaphorically put aside so I can sleep at night. Like the boys in Lord of the Flies we want to believe there’s a single manifestation of evil out there, rather accepting the potential for darkness (and good) in all of us and dealing with it like adults.

      • Yeah I think you’re spot on and if someone in this hobby has a problem with prostitution like in this example it would be kinda ironic seeing how dark and terrible a lot of the stuff already is if you stop and actually think about it.

        My main inspiration for this is actually the gang structure in the Daredevil series. There it is divided into the typical stuff; protection, prostitution, drugs, weapons. I think this is perfectly applicable to the Cinderfall district as I see it.

  6. Kristian says:

    Some pretty nasty ladies there… Briliant! 😊

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