It is bandwagon time!

I have the last few weeks amassed a lot of Nurgle stuff.

Only the Nurgle part of this boxed set

Finally I own that GUO ❤️

My plans are rather loose but it will be a small contigent of plague marines and mostly daemons, mutants and such.

For the Death Guard bit I started a discussion with the Wier brothers after listening to this podcast that maybe we should do something about it in a #makedeathguardgreatagain challenge. It is more eloquently put here by the Wiers.

So my own plague marine is more or less done. Here’s a picdump;

My own gripe with the new Death Guard where never about anatomy really but more with how ott busy the models are. This is often the trap with Nurgle I find as many tend to make the models so busy you struggle with where to focus. Now I do ott models I’ll gladly admit but I still keep them fairly simple in terms of the amount of details I put in them. At least that’s what I feel about it 😅

Here’s another pic with one of my Deathwatch truescale marines.

The key difference between the two are the core parts. The DW is based on terminator legs and pads with normal marine bits elsewhere while the DG is based on a blight king. This gives them a slightly different body shape but scalewise I think it is bang on.

What’s your take one the new Death guard and my approach to it?

Oh and Wiers. How’s that anatomy?


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6 thoughts on “MDGGA #1

  1. templeofthutmos says:

    First off, great looking model! I like the bulk and proportions of it, and that it’s appropriately “toned down,” if that makes sense.

    I definitely feel a real ambivalence toward the new DG models. On the one hand (and especially as a Chaos player), I appreciate that GW has gone all-out to put real creative work into the line of Plague Marines. They absolutely have a sense of character to them, with good variety across the ranks, high-quality detail, and a unique aesthetic… it’s just not an aesthetic I’m crazy about. I agree that they are a bit busy and, honestly, kind of cartoonish.

    When I picture Plague Marines, I don’t picture a ton of mutations or silly, grinning things with funny Nurglings crawling all over them. I picture bloated, rotting, hulking and almost anonymous brutes with busted armor and neglected accoutrements trudging implacably forward to deliver death and disease, and I think you’ve absolutely captures that look with this fellow.

  2. Alex says:

    Nice job dude, he’s looking the business!

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