Dreadtober is almost done and I pretty much redid my dread!

The original version I made was perfectly OK but it didn’t really do anything for me. So seeing some of GuitaRasmus and Biohazards work I broke it more or less apart and started all over again.

This is in my mind a lot better! It is distinctly a dread but with better ratio between the core of the body the arms. Yes it is a bit simian but that’s kinda close to the original coffin boxes anyway. He has also had a few repairs done and he is pretty battleworn, but no folds of rotten flesh to be seen! It doesn’t fit that well from a dreadnought standpoint, more with fully fledged daemon engines.

I still have the majority of greenstuffing left mind! This is just tacked together.



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2 thoughts on “MDGGA #3

  1. Wudugast says:

    Hugely improved. As you say, it’s got more in common with a daemon engine than a dread now, although it still clearly owes it’s origins to a dreadnaught frame. The simian appearance really adds to it in my opinion, one can almost picture him descending onto all fours as he goes loping into battle; a neat synthesis of man, beast and machine.

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