My «new» hobby space

Long time between posts but I haven’t been idle!

As the kids have grown they had more need of our spare bedroom which doubled as my hobby office. Still needing quite a lot of space for my stuff and keeping things practical, me and the missus agreed that a bureau would fit the bill.

I had my eye on a few new and modern types but they felt soulless and subpar to the more vintage types. Luck had it though that a local second-hand shop got a bureau that I instantly fell for.

Battered and bruised it still had a charm that just spoke to me and I bought it right away.

The next step in the process was colours. I kinda liked the green but seeing as it is pretty much the first piece of furniture you see when entering our house the missus had a hand in choosing the outer palette (I had some say in it though 😉 ).

In the end we went for a dark matte green which we both really liked.

She wanted to get rid of the old knobs but I insisted I could save them. So I cleaned and polished them down and then sprayed them with a matte black. Note that they are not symmetrical and that there where other knobs originally but I think it is part of the charm that spoke to me originally.

The old chains and fixings where gone so I replaced them with a sturdy yet decorative chain.

Next I started to get the inside in order.

I had to remove some of the inner sorting walls to get my trusted rig inside and I still might remove some more but for now this works.

I set up two strips of LED lights inside which (while not looking like it on the pic) give a great light when painting.

My old rig looks well worn but it is still highly functional and works great for me. I like that the inside of the bureau is also meant for working so I dont have to be too afraid.

The bureau itself has four trays and I’ve filled it with the stuff I use the most (as in only a fraction of what I have in total).

So yeah, maybe not entirely sorted like I want in all aspects but for now it gives me the best space possible – something I’ve lacked this last year. Meaning all in all I am very pleased!


PS: lots of spoilers in this post if you look closely 😂

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22 thoughts on “My «new» hobby space

  1. Alex says:

    Looks useful mate!

  2. Brilliant new painting station you have there and a fancy bit of ‘up-cycling’.

    I love my painting bureau and am sure this one will stand you in fine style! It’s nice to be able shut the lid when you’re done and suddenly its all tidy again!

  3. Great stuff, love the unit and it just shows what you can do with a little thought even if you don’t have a dedicated space.

  4. Ross says:

    Nice and tidy! These bureaus (bureaux?) seem a popular choice for the decor-conscious hobbyist 😉

    I’ve been on the lookout for something similar myself. I thought I’d be scaling back my hobby this year, rather than ramping it waaaay up, so I got rid of my old desk before Christmas and now I’m painting on my lap on the sofa!

  5. Edmund Normal says:

    Tidy. Have wanted a bureau for this purpose alone for a long time.

  6. heresyofus says:

    Yep they rule alright. Nice and neat. Also good for keeping the kids out 😉 Love mine.

  7. euansmith says:

    That’s really neat, though, of course, it needs more skulls.

  8. Faust says:

    Really nice looking. Yea, I would be interested in something like this for multiple reasons: organization/consolidation, aesthetics, and keeping the toddler out. Though she’s started the climbing stage, so she might be more interested in scaling it and jumping off the top at this point *sigh*. Either way, it would need lots of locks and bolts.

    I imagine the strip lights might give you a nice area for photographing the minis as well? I think I would still try to figure out how to stuff my lamp in there, as the daylight bulb works so much nicer than the LED lamp I had before.

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