Great Unclean One #2

Finally ready for a lick of paint!

It is always daunting and time consuming working on larger models but it is fun though. The GUO and especially the FW version has always been a fav of mine. So why f’ it up right? Well I dunno beyond being completely unable to convert anything I have my hands on…

So for better or worse, here’s my great unclean one;

Tribus the Seers, is the Oracle of the Gardens. The Seers are mystical soothsayers with supernatural powers who can communicate with the Aether & answer questions about the future and one’s fate in life. Followers of Nurgle believe that their fate is already decided, and turn to the Seers to translate Nurgles’ wishes and intentions.

I now have one month to paint it. Should be fine I guess even if it is a massive canvas to work on!

Thoughts on the “mini”


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15 thoughts on “Great Unclean One #2

  1. Ross says:

    Great work, dude. Suitably disgusting and disturbing. There are so many great GUO conversions out there now, so it’s testament to your skill that you’ve managed to create one that’s unique and different.

  2. Alex says:

    Oh boy, that is increadible mate – I reckon that he’ll paint up beautifully!

  3. Wudugast says:

    Outstanding! Love the face(s) and well done on creating something nicely different to the other GUOs out there, yet which still instantly reads as a greater daemon of Nurgle.

  4. Well done mate. He’s unique and grotesque.

  5. Andrew Dyer says:

    Great, thanks. I was looking to going to sleep tonight, but guess I won’t be doing that πŸ˜‚

  6. As I said on Instagram, I’m really looking forward to seeing this painted. I agree with the previous comments above, you’ve really made something quite unique.

  7. Faust says:

    That’s pretty grotesque looking. Which is a compliment in Nurglish! I like the multiple heads in the “face”. It’s kind of like 3 sets of eyes, but they are whole faces.

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