OOP Chaos Dwarfs, army project. Part 1

So I actually do other stuff than Orks or greenskins despite my moniker and the name of this blog.

After the national tournament I decided to split my hobby work in two projects but with one common goal. Getting an army for 40k and WHFB that would be good enough for nominations in a tournament.
The first project will be as the title suggests on my oop Chaos Dwarf army that have been collecting dust for far too long. Despite costing me an arm and leg in custom built and painted blood bowl teams..

Here’s my initial start, at approximately 2000 points.


The big base is for my K’daai Destroyer and the empty 50mm base for my Sorcerer-prophet on great taurus. However those are projects under the lid so they will come in the latter part of this project 😉

For part two I’ll paint this fellow up as a test of my color scheme.


I’m planning something special there as well and I’m excited to show you later how I envision my Dawi Zharr.


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