Great week!

So this has been a very good week all in all!

1) Getting the chance to write for BoLS. Very proud of this!

2) Making great progress on my Chaos Dwarfs.

3)Constituting Team Anarchy, my gaming club as a formal organization.

4) Being part of the beginning of a large cooperation on making a proper tournament scene in my part of the country.

So a ton of stuff going on and it all promises for good times ahead 🙂

At the moment I’m working on part 4 in the Chaos Dwarfs series. I’m trying to map out how I want the series to develop and make it interesting to read about. Writing for BoLS will change the pace a bit as I won’t ruin the buildup by giving spoilers on the forums and here in my own blog.
Now don’t worry. I won’t quit forums (as I love browsing the forums and I like to contribute) nor will I quit posting new content here on the blog.

To prove it, here’s some new and unseen stuff.

First some pics of the new dakka arm for the stompa and of the control room.




Wasn’t happy with the other arm but I had a baneblade lying here so I tested out how the turret would fit and I liked it a lot! The control room will be exposed like that and house at least one mek.
Need to finish plating and painting this fellow soon as it will bring my total of Deff Skulls to 4500 points. Still got 1200-1500 ish points left after that but no rush 🙂

To finish this week off, here’s a sneak peak of a future project 😉



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