Hobgoblin Khans

So I needed to paint some greenskins. Funny that 😉

I really enjoyed painting these two khans and took my time with them. Some small conversion work as seen here.



Don't kill me paint-stripping lynch mob!

The one on the right is not a khan originally I think. Anyway I gave him some horns on his hood and changed the head on the wolf. The horns on the wolf and the khan came from ork and orc helmets. The spears and shields are from the ungor sprues. In Tamurkhan there’s an artwork with a hobgoblin on a wolf with backbanner. Had these two banners for years but never found something to use it on. Until now!

Have to say that I really like the style of these hobgoblins. Pity I only have these two…I need more!!

Anyways…over to the painted result 😉




Skinwise I did it like on my Orks but with one change. Instead of dip I used a diluted flesh wash. I’m starting to really enjoy the process of using washes and inks with my old methods. I feel so much more in control of the end result and I feel I’ve got a better grasp of of how to get the most of all of the colors on my minis. Like on the bones. There I use a diluted chestnut wash. Huge difference in the end result. The face, ears, hands and feet show signs of hypothermia. Or at least that’s my aim.

The wolves are also a personal high for me here. I found a tutorial that uses an airbrush. I don’t have one but made do with my hardcore drybrush-fu. I think it turned out okay 🙂

So sad I don’t have anymore hobgoblins..need to make them a priority.


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