Battle report: Chaos Dwarfs vs Beastmen II

Got a rematch against Klas yesterday and his beastmen army.

The lists:
He brought the same as last time.
Shaman lev 4
Shaman lev 2
Beast hero bsb

40 gors, full cdo, add hw
30 bestigors, full cdo, gw

2*5 harpies
2*5 ungors, bow
2 chariots

Can’t remember his spells.

I had a new variation.

Sorcerer prophet, lev 4
Castellan bsb
Daemonsmith, dispel scroll
2 khans on wolf

28 infernal guard, full cdo
13 blunderbusses, full cdo

6 K’daai Fireborn
2 deathshrieker rockets

I got eternal hatred on the prophet due to his weapon.
Spells I took from Death. Signature spell on the daemonsmith. Prophet got Caress, Bjuna, Doom and Darkness and Purple sun.

Pre-game plan
My game plan was simple. Place the deatshriekers in a corner. Blunderbusses and daemonsmith next to them to safeguard the warmachines.
Besides these I placed the infernal guard with bsb and prophet. On the other extreme flank the k’daai and one khan.
What I wanted was to threaten his flank with the k’daai and force him to dedicate stuff towards it and away from my main force. Movement of 6 is really superb!
The prophet’s job is to stop the beastmen advance with purple sun and lowering their ld with doom and darkness. Then pummel them with deathshriekers and force ld checks.

(pics in black and white, no spoilers here)


Summary of the game:
In this game things went a lot better for me. My deathshriekers where on point and had 3 full hits on the gor block and even alpha striked one of the ungor units and weakened a harpy unit. Even if I succesfully cast d&d on the gors they only failed one test and just ran 3″..
Harpies and a ungor unit took out my shriekers in the end but my blunderbusses made short work of them after that.


My main block didn’t do much but then again Klas was not willing to push through the purple sun between us. I actually think he should’ve pushed through and just accepted the losses as he needs to get in cc to have a chance.

Khans did a great job of slowing down his march moves and distracting the chariots.


Stars of the game, my K’daai fireborn. The potentially damage output is frightening and they manhandled the bestigors. I only had the manburner left, with one wound but the bestigors fled and I pursued them down.


After action review:
Did I play defensively and in some sense (and in Klas’ opinion) boring? Well technically yes but imo it was an exciting game cause I managed to apply my battleplan and stick to it. Though I see why Beastmen often have a handicap in tournaments and I think we need to do the same here. Still they are entirely dependent of getting into combat but have little to nothing to force an opponent into combat. Thus they struggle imo. Maybe a monster from SoM would level it out and give something mobile that can apply pressure in awkward positions.

For my own part I like this list. It does what I want but I’m still going to test out  other variations as well just for fun and learning  how this army works.


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