Battle report. Chaos Dwarfs vs Beastmen III

FINALLY got a game in! Really wanted to play these last weeks but it has been a ton of stuff in the way for me and any potential opponent.


Played against Klas again, in a 2k game.

Klas’ list (approx)
Level 4 sorcerer
Level 2 sorcerer

50 gors, 2 hw, full cdo
30 bestigors, gw, full cdo
2 chariots
2*5 harpies
2*5 ungors

Can’t remember his spells besides Amber spear. The other ones where buffs or hexes.

My list (exactly)
Prophet, lev 4, Blood of Hashut, Talisman of preservation
Daemonsmith, dispel scroll, pistol/naphta bombs
Castellan, bsb, mask of furnace, gw, shield
2 khans, wolves, spears, shields

28 Infernal Guard, full cdo
25 cutthroats, bows, full cdo

2 deathshrieker rockets
Iron daemon
3 bull centaurs, gw, musician, champ

I got signature spell on the Daemonsmith. Prophet got Bjuna, Caress, D&D and soulblight.

I finished first and got to start. So far so good!



My initial plan was to use the centaurs and one khan on the right flank to kill chaff and create a threatening factor on Klas’ flank. Iron daemon with the same job on the left flank. Remainder in the center.

Brief recap
So I moved my center enough forward to have range with my spells. The right flank moved up to prepare charges and the iron daemon just went straight forward.



The iron daemon made short process of a chariot in the shooting phase and the deathshriekers took out 12+ gors.
Klas moved his harpies against my artillery on the left flank and against the khan on the right. Also infiltrated a ungor unit right next to my artillery. Otherwise he moved straight up with his blocks. Bestigors in point.


Fast forward a bit. So I punish his gors with my artillery and iron daemon. Daemonsmith takes a ungor charge, holds them and win in the end.
Bestigors assault the hobbos, win and breaks the hobbos but they managed to escape.


Iron daemon and infernal guard assault the gors while the hobbos occupy the bestigors. Wins and breaks them because of a successfully cast D&D (love that spell).
I misfire twice on one deathshrieker and destroyed it.


In the end he only had a chariot and the bestigor unit with general left.

I won 1090 – 492. Only lost the hobbos (including khans) and one deathshrieker.

Lessons learned
Iron daemon will be a obligatory unit from now on. Definitely VIP of the game as it constantly made Klas’ life difficult. He had no good tools this time to deal with it and it enabled me to push the offensive.

Other than that D&D and my artillery is a match made from the infernal forges of hell. Literally!

Starting to get a good feel on how I want to play so happy days 🙂


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