2k milestone reached!


Third army I bring up into tournament size this year! I’ll talk all about that in my summary post for 2014 later in December.

Talking of third, it sure is a charm! I love my Orks but this is the best army I’ve made bar none. Over 90% is converted and painted using more advanced techniques than I usually do on large scale projects. The bases are the best I’ve made and they paint up really well.
So yeah, I feel like I’m finally able to match my paint- to my build skills.

Here’s some pics of the finished hobgoblin unit I got from Geir.




Minimum of changes from Geir’s original conversion. Mainly the heads and bases. Here’s how they looked when I got them.


Would not have changed the heads if I went with a dark lands theme.

To round things off here’s my WiP Daemonsmith. Dispel caddy, death lore, and essential in my 2k list for gaming.




Base model is the hero on the great taurus. Shoes are from Orks, sword I can’t remember but I think the chaos warriors sprues, evil bat top from the zombie dragon sprues.
I then used my meagre sculpting skills to make a dispel scroll, an undershirt and some details on the hat. Can you see the arrow on the second pic?
Then it’s the base. See something unusual there? I have plans for the unit that will meatshield the Daemonsmith.


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3 thoughts on “2k milestone reached!

  1. Ross says:

    Brother, that is some beautiful work! Love the scheme you’ve chosen and you’ve done some damn fine painting on such a large project!

  2. […] Very happy with these and they ended up way better than I hoped for when planning the build.That’s it for part 8, meanwhile go check out my 2k+ milestone with this army in my blog. […]

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