Prepping the first squad

While I’m doing the basecoats on the centaur I started on the rest of the first squad.


Couldn’t resist converting a little so I did some work on the sergeant and made a flamer with some cadian bitz I had in my bitz box.

The simplest one was the sergeant.



Here I just reposed the arm holding the rifle and added a chainsword. Huge difference in scale so I had to cut the arm off from the arm as it would’ve looked ridiculous with the heroscaled cadian arm on the real scaled DKoK body. At least I now know who my sergeant is cause his distinctions are not easy to spot on a glance. For those who doesn’t know, they’re on his shoulderpad.

The more involved conversion was the flamer.




I don’t like the standard one piece flamer with the small tank mounted on the weapon. This version is a lot cooler and fits very well with the style of DKoK. Luckily I have two so I should be ok. The reason it’s an involved conversion is again the scale issues though I think I’ve done an ok job here though it needs some tidying up when the greenstuff has dried properly.

Next I’ll do the last details on the bases and I’ll basecoat them. While that dries (takes longer due to the cold temperatures) I’ll start painting the centaur. Just need to buy some new expendable brushes that are large enough for my vehicles. Got more incoming as I won 3 leman russes with FW turrets on eBay 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Prepping the first squad

  1. Ross says:

    Looking great so far brother! DKoK are so awesome.

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