Starting on the armour

So my centaur is ready for paint and I once again started looking through my WDs for inspiration. I have a semi complete collection from issue 206 to it went over to the weekly version.

The first armoured company army I ever saw was George Dellapinas. This one.


Not the best of pics but I still think that the conversions and George’s paintjob stands the test of time. That’s from issue 296 btw. Okay so with my DKoK and more realistic palette in a winter landscape I can’t exactly blueprint the above army but what I will try is to make each vehicle more individual as George succeeded very well with. Lofty goals but should be fun!

Over to my stuff, namely the centaur. What a great kit with a lot of lovely details that are very realistic. I just hope it’s good enough to use in game as well 😀

Here’s the start of the interior.



I started from a black basecoat. Then I drybrushed with ushabti bone and finally with white. Diluted first chestnut ink and covered the entire interior with it. Lastly I used diluted beastial brown to spot out details with a darker shade of brown. Not too bad I think. Opinions?


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