Battle report: Bullies vs Fishmen

Pre-game stuff:
750 points
Mission: Emperors will
Deployment: Hammer and anvil

He had:
Battlesuit commander
4 drones
2*10 firewarriors
5 pathfinders

Can’t remember exact loadout 🙂

I had:
Ork, unbound
Big mek, da Finkin Kap, eavy armour, cybork

Bully boyz formation
2*5 meganobs, 1 kombi skorcha, 1 killsaw wielder
1*5 meganobs, 1 kombi rokkit, 1 killsaw wielder with bosspole.

Warlord traits:
– Orks: master of ambush, conqueror of cities
– Tau: coordinated assault

Psychic powers: nil

The game
Been a long time since I’ve played against Tau and a lot of stuff has changed so we’ll see how it goes.

I infiltrate so he deploys first. Commander and drones in reserve. Pathfinders also infiltrate.


Turn 1:
I get first turn. Move one mob inside the big saloon and another upwards towards the broadside. The last mob in my own deployment zone move inside a building as well.



He moves one fire warrior mob towards center objective. Riptide walks forward to get a bead on my climbers. Broadside moves away from the climbers and the hammerhead turboboosts in the center. Fire warriors also run.

Pathfinders don’t have range for markerlights on my climbers. 

Riptide jetpacks towards my deployment zone.


Turn 2
I move the climbers unto the roof. The ones in the saloon moves towards the window. The last mob moves out of the building again. In the shooting I took one wound from the closest fire warriors and the broadside. I then assault the broadside and kill it. First blood! They then consolidate down the hatch into the 3rd floor.

His commander didn’t arrive from reserve.

They then line up to kill my bullies in the first floor. Two die. Could’ve been worse.


Turn 3
I move one mob towards the fire warriors and hammerhead. The one in the third floor down to the first. Shooting was ineffective but I managed to smash the hammerhead to a wreck. Now it surviving the retaliation..


Commander doesn’t arrive from reserve. Lol.

The rest move away from me and then the shooting begins on the mob in the middle. Pathfinders get one markerlight on them. Two killed only one bully and warlord left.

Turn 4
My warlord return to the saloon. Bullies in the building move out.
They gun down two fire warriors but pass the test. Yup, that’s it.


Commander enters. Don’t have a choice this turn 😉
He moves in to kill the fresh bullies now in the open. I just do this to distract him as I’m ahead with 8-0 (linebreaker, first blood, 2 objectives vs 1 nada).
Btw ion accelerator takes the third wound from the riptide this turn. Lol. But two bullies die, not lol..


Turn 5
I gun for his warlord. Shooting doesn’t do much. Like nothing. But I luck out and wipe out the warlord and drones. Yay me!


Pathfinders move unto an objective and markerlight my solo bully. Riptide kills him then jetpack and claims linebreaker.

Game ends. Lucky me 😉

9-4 in my favor.
– Orks: 2 objectives and all secondary
– Tau: 1 objective and linebreaker

That went better than I could’ve hoped for to say the least. Game winner was getting infiltrate and being able to utilize the terrain in my favor. Andreas my opponent is a newbie so he did make some classic mistakes. I guess he’ll be a tougher nut to crack next time 🙂


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